Fuck stand up comedy seeh

Fuck stand up comedy seeh

Seeh meaning of the title by way of comedy or comedy stand up, so Kalee. At the time when the TV comes on Telkom Compass vision clay was done with style comedy stand up and tell you how meyajikannya manner with a focus on a particular theme and are usually denganmenyampaikan message to the audience with style and words that make the audience laugh and think. (Kawanlama95) .

Defining another stand up comedy: Stand Up Comedy is an art form of comedy or comedy monologues delivered to the audience. Usually this is done live and comedians will perform a one man show. Although called to the stand up comedy, stand in delivering tidaklahselalu komidian comedy. There are some that do komidian the chair exactly like the person who was telling you. (Source: http://www.squidoo.com/Stand-Up-Comedy-Indonesia-Jinggaberseri)

. Stand up comedy in Indonesia, we are actually clay. comrades in jalananan first recollection I often do a monologue on the bus the bus kotadengan political theme contains criticism of the nation’s current political situation. meyampaikan comrades in style, but there are diverse expression yanglucu style and make us who hear will laugh and intrigued by the way they talk. I remember a friend once he used to street membacakanmonolog POLUGADUNG BIS-Terminal in Depok. Corporal Hmmm where are you at this time. I wish he was still there I would suggest to join Stand Up Comedy 3yang will come. I’m sure he could be a winner. Yes the same premises berceritanya great intelligence, Ernest ryan or the title of the comic stand up comedy) or the boris, Isman or ari wibowo (Stand up comedy participants seasean 2 compasses TV)

. Hmm so want to watch stand up comedy Livenya neeh season 2 on the compass T

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