Usefulness and efficacy of bitter plants

Kawanlama95 once again invited to discuss the world of traditional medicines derived from plants that bitter crop. Bitter plant known by the Latin name of Andrographis paniculata. Or in some areas known Papaitan, Ki peurat or lote. Many of the benefits and efficacy of bitter plants for health.

Kawanlama95 never drank bitter, as we drank tea brewed of course that has been cut into pieces and dried. Comrades do not be surprised that drank the bitter bitterness incredible. When the bitter drink can be mixed with honey or palm juice to taste the bitter with the sweet flavor blends. But now can get a bitter extract at herbal shops or at home can also be healthy, healthy home in a hospital not in looking for ya. . Sambilotonya already in the form of extracts kapsulkan so when the drink does not taste bitter.

Below we list some of the benefits and efficacy of bitter plants include:

– Stomach ulcers
– constipation
– Thyps abdominal
– Flu / headaches
– influenza
– Parui-lung
– Body odor
– Chicken pox
– asthma
– hepatitis
– Gall bladder disease
– thrush

According to Mohammad Ali Toha Assegaf physician medical experts that bitter prophet useful as a natural antibiotic that is useful for our body

Thus the benefits and efficacy of bitter plants for a friend who know this plant please add in the comments field.