The types of frustrating it can be in the grade ….:

The types of frustrating it can be in the grade ….:

The types of frustrating it can be in the grade ….:

There are several questions that I ask for all friends and help in answer yes, or it can ask the people closest to you or to someone you love

* Ever feel upset and depressed because of traffic congestion that would not go wrong?

* What do you feel when waiting for buses but the bus did not come – come when we must get home?

* Ever wanted to have the desire to work in companies that desire, but did not succeed because it is not commensurate with the needs of capabilities in the enterprise?

* Once the fired by your boss when you feel you have never felt any apa2, really fired?

* Must make a decision who you choose to be your lover and feel confused and decide you feel uncomfortable to others when a person has chosen.

* Love a girl / virgin but His parents did not accept us?

* Males to school but are scared of the teacher as fierce but lazy at home

These are just examples of some of the questions and please make examples of other questions.

When we experience it and we feel pressured or uncomfortable then we actually go in the category of frustration.

based on the book I read by Drs. H. Ahmad Fauzi General stated in his book Psychology:

The types of frustration can be Classify

A. Frustrating environment


caused by obstacles / barriers present in the environment

2. Personal frustration

=) Frutasi which grew out of dissatisfaction with a person in achieving objectives in other words personal frustration is due to the difference between the levels of aspiration with ability levels.

3. Frustrating conflict


caused by the conflict from different motive in a person. in the presence of conflicting motives, then the fulfillment of one of the motives will cause frustration for other motives. Among these motives are:

a) approach-approach conflict (choose one of two options)

b) the conflict came away

c) Conflict-far away

Friend ….

Each of us is always there weak spots do not feel guilty especially feeling pressured to ga to sleep already so hard to eat more, more concentrated work ga, oh why kepikiran he keeps ya, oh eeh melupakanya difficult.

wah i nga tercapi neeh targets but should be. Oh God I love her but why nyokapnya amet seeh fierce. I was a beautiful time of this, the Sholeh really want ya ga. Dizzy – dizzy. I want to select which one ya. the a beautiful, rich b’s, c’s pious complicated amet wah ya

dah okay do not be upset if this offended anyone mah ga-greet greet nyingung why only a small lesson, especially for friends – friends who lectures in psychology seeh. (Dear me what emang lecturer)

For Bloggers who primarily from the Department of Psychological Help at This Post add please koment long. And the observer or the ever ngalami (kok wah so preman seeh) koment yes also. it really is free. please.

Hopefully the article titled The types can be classified …. Frustrated: Couples

Yes thank you

Yours respectfully

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