HEALTHY TIPS 365 ALA Rasoolullah

HEALTHY TIPS 365 By  Rasoolullah Saw

HEALTHY TIPS 365  Book By Apostle Dr. Mohammad Ali Toha works Assegaf is one book that is easy to understand, concise and can be solid in practice in everyday life

HEALTHY TIPS 365 By book Apostle Dr. Mohammad Ali’s work is Toha Assegaf can get at bookstores near you very cheap relative Cheap Rp 36,000. Or you can buy at:

JL. Limo Raya no. 3, complex commercial Griya Cinere II, Limo, Depok
Phone. 021-7547291

Dr. Mohammad Ali Toha Assegaf formulate a healthy lifestyle of Prophet Mohammad. as well as Islamic and natural health in the concept of Smart Healing, with his practical experience as a physician for over 20 years. The concept was described in 365 daily tips halal, Islamic, benefits, cheap, safe, and holistic, among them:

* Maintain the cleanliness and appearance, as well as controlling emotions, and stay in touch;

* Choosing foods that are good for consumption and diet;

* Choosing the right medicine and healers;

* Worship and pray for a positive effect on health;

* Maintain environmental harmony.

You can practice them easily without having to digest such an explanation

complicated. Want to live a healthy life? Follow the instructions of the Prophet in this book.


Containing health tips that were modeled according to the Prophet. which can be directly practiced during the 365 days / year. Began a complete review of diet, daily behavior to prayer and worship.

Written by a doctor who studied and practiced medicine of the Prophet.

The author has written several books and in many media, and frequent speaker at seminars and TV.

“Intelligent and very easy to understand.”

-Ferrasta ‘Pepeng’ Soebardi, Artist

“It’s simple and easily practiced. Not only interesting but also useful if Allah wills. ”

-Prof. Samsuridjal Djauzi, Caregivers Space Reuters Health Consultation Sunday

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